exhibition Architectural art 2018 June 1 – 2 – 3

The weekend of 1, 2 and 3 June is dedicated to the Day of Architecture. The city can rejoice in an increasing popularity. More and more people are looking for work and joy in citylife. The city is also a source of inspiration for artists and vice versa artists inspire new architecture.
Grooots art design together with Post Erasmuslaan 5 / ASNOVA architecture shows three artists in a building designed by Gerrit Rietveld: Paul Brouns, urban tapestries (photos) Liesbeth Crooijmans, stone sculptures and Gerard van der Horst, drawings. Their works unmistakably have an architectural dimension and appeal to the viewer’s imagination.

About the artists

The inspiration of Paul Brouns is the abstract beauty of urban architecture. Windows, doors, walls, colors, reflections and shadows are the basic elements of his urban tapestries.

For Liesbeth Crooijmans, sculpting is a play between matter, light and space. She creates light in stone with the help of strikingly arranged saw cuts. These bring balance between matter and empty spaces where the passage of light forms the playful and movable element.

For Gerard van der Horst the intimacy of the drawing is central. Imagination and clarification. Space and spatial relationships. Straight lines have a bright presence. A line may be related to the size of the paper or orientate on it. However, it can also float independently in the image box. Gerard is inspired by the connection of both principles.

address and opening hours
Post Erasmuslaan 5
Erasmuslaan 5
3584 AZ Utrecht
open van 13 – 17 uur